Outdoor Applications

ThermaDuct: Unparalleled Performance

For Outdoor Applications, Commercial Comfort Systems is proud to offer ThermaDuct. Thermaduct combines the best of air distribution technology with choice outdoor barrier to create a duct that offers the highest R-value and lowest air leakage rates in the industry. Unsurpassed performance was the goal in creating Thermaduct; not to deliver every cubic foot of air as it is fed, but to keep fibrous or volatile organic chemical latent liners away from air distribution.

Indoors, the air passes the smooth aluminum of Kingspan KoolDuct. The outer layers include a factory applied FSK aluminum with a 5 ply, zero permeability cladding sealed on both ends with aluminum channels. Once installed, all seams are comletely for uncompromising integrity.

Outdoor Quality

Air distribution is a part of a construction project that is often ignored, yet accounts for up to 30% of the HVAC energy utilized. Building construction has employed thermal transmission reduction initiatives though the emerging energy codes, but most ducting systems in the US have not even achieved the performance of the average windows being installed today. When you combine the thermal performance with air leakage rate experience...your existing duct is letting you down.

More imminent in most duct systems is migration of water into the air passage system. The proof is on the roofs of buildings that employ outdoor ductwork. As duct systems leak, they inflate and deflate the outer protective layer that is intended to provide water integrity. Over time...the performance of the moisture barrier degrades to a point where moisture is allowed in. Moisture reduces the performance of the insulation and augments microbial growth either on, or in, the duct.

Thermaduct offerings of industry solutions like no other that meet or exceed the ASHRAE and ICC Energy Codes not only today...but 10 years from now. Choose one of the following or request custom values from R-8 to R-20

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